2009 Pinot Noir Pressing

Here is a quick video of Hugo and I pressing the engracia Pinot Noir that we had crushed a week earlier (prior video). After the crush we added sulfites to kill any native yeast, then added a cultured yeast to start the fermentation.

Once fermentation was complete, we pressed the grapes and put the wine into a 60 gal plastic barrel to transport the wine to the winery. Next, we had to pump it from the plastic barrel in the bed of the truck to an oak barrel in the basement of the winery.

After all our hard work for the day, we decided to enjoy a barrel sample of 2008 Chardonnay from Silva Vineyard- the same vineyard I get the Pinot from.

I hope you enjoy it...

Next to come will be the bottling of 2008 Silva Vineyard Pinot Noir and Cavedale Vineyard Merlot.

BTW the headline at the beginning of the video says "crushing" but it is actually the "pressing"