Engracia Wines Story2009

My grandmother, Engracia Perez Hernandez, fled Cuba in 1960 with my mother due to the political events that were taking place during that time. She immigrated to the United States without knowing the language and without having a job. She had very little money and she was uncertain of what the future would hold for her and my mother.

In her 47 years of life in Florida, she was extremely successful. She raised a daughter on her own, owned her own home and was never in debt. She was full of life and dedicated herself to her family every day until she passed away in the summer of 2007.

The passion she had for herself, her daughter, and her grandchildren to give them the best life they could ever have was incredible. I feel that same passion within me. It is this passion that confirms my belief that you can accomplish anything you want in life as long as you stay focused on your goals and work hard for them.

I left Florida in 2005 to pursue my dream of making wine. Several years later I am realizing my dream and I continue to feel my grandmother’s drive, passion, and love within me.

“There is nothing better in life than great wine, great food and great company”

Be sure to enjoy this wine with friends and loved ones; the wine will taste much better.

                             Mike Faulk
                                   Wine Papa