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We are committed to producing small batch wines of superior quality. We take great care in making our wines, from scrupulous vineyard selection, hand harvested grapes and a triple sort system to remove leaves, moldy clusters and stems. We are sincerely passionate about making unique wines that express their sense of place. Our wines are not "impact wines." They won't blow you away after the first sip but rather have you scratching your head trying to dissect their complexity.

2013 marks a new journey for us. We have graduated from making homemade wines in backyards, basements and garages to commercial production at a winery in Kenwood, California. We produce Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from longtime friend and grower Manuel Silva (Silva Vineyard) in West Cotati (Sonoma Coast AVA), as well as Syrah from Deerfield Ranch's estate vineyard in Kenwood (Sonoma Valley AVA). We are excited to announce that our 2013 wines are now available for purchase by visiting our wines Page.

I welcome you to navigate our website to further explore what we are all about. Thank you for visiting and tell your family and friends about us. And always remember…

"There is nothing better in life than great wine, great food, and great company."


                             Mike Faulk
                                   Wine Papa