Clark brought a couple of your wines to a dinner on Saturday for the Long Beach Grand Cru judges. I was lucky enough to sit across the table from Clark and got to sample your Chard and Pinot.

I was really impressed! The Chard was layered and well balanced. I particularly liked the way that you integrated the oak – for me just the right amount. Then he poured the Pinot. First I have to tell you that I am a Pinot snob – it's my favorite grape and I really know what I like. So usually I dread when someone hands me a glass of pinot and asks me what I think.

As a side note my panel judged 30 Pinot's on Saturday before the dinner.

Back to your wine – wow! Subtle, complex, great balance, nice length – everything I look for in a Pinot. Then Clark told me it was $35. I was blown away – I always tell people that there isn't a pinot under $40 that I have ever liked – to find yours at just $35 still amazes me.

Two things more –

1) Your Pinot was better than all the Pinot's that we judged.
2) I hope Clark brings another bottle next year so I can see how it ages.

Good luck in your wine endeavors – these wines show me that you're someone to keep track of.

Still impressed,


Wanted to introduce myself, I am wine judge at the Long Beach Grand Cru and know Clark Smith. Clark introduced me to your wines and very much enjoyed the Chardonnay, but loved the Pinot Noir! I wanted to say you should be very proud of the quality, a very nice balance of fruit, oak, earthiness and made in the delicate, elegant pinot style.

Keep up the good work.